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Wireless Accessories

Beltone wireless accessories make it easier for you to engage and interact in any hearing situation and connect to the world around you. Learn more about all of Beltone’s hearing aid wireless accessories.

Beltone Wireless Technology

The fastest wireless connection that only Beltone provides

Other wireless systems for hearing aids simply can’t compete. Their limited data transmission compromises sound quality. Cumbersome relay devices or neck-loops get in the way.

The Beltone wireless system is based on the “gold standard” 2.4 GHz frequency band used in today’s most advanced wireless products. Our proprietary technology produces a superior audio signal and transmits up to seven times more data than competitors’ systems. Sound is exceptional and delays are virtually non-existent. Whether you are watching television, following a conversation at a distance or talking on the phone, we have a wireless accessory that can help you hear better.