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Beltone Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearing Aids

With many different types and styles of hearing aids available today, finding the perfect solution has never been easier or more rewarding. Learn how hearing aids can improve your life, see the different styles, and get some pointers on how to choose.

Beltone hearing aids fit every lifestyle and budget

At Beltone, our goal is simple: to bring you hearing so natural, listening is a pleasure again—wherever you go. And, thanks to Beltone’s leading micro-processor technology, our hearing aids are feature-rich, yet super small.

Beltone Apps

Control your hearing aids with Beltone apps

With the expansion of Bluetooth®, hearing aids have become more accessible, convenient, and comfortable than ever before. In addition, these assistive devices keep you connected existing devices, transforming your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset to help you get the most out of your technology. Learn about all the ways you control your hearing aids  and even calm tinnitus symptoms through our Beltone apps.


Book a Hearing Test

We know managing hearing loss can be lonely, but we believe it should never be experienced alone – care isn’t a 9-5 job tied to a specific time or place, and we’re right beside you whenever and wherever you need us.