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Beltone Serene

Experience our best speech understanding in noise.

Beltone Serene uses the uniqueness of your ear to deliver sounds exactly as nature intended. Now with improved award-winning technology to help you hear through the noise and be part of the conversation—even in noisy situations. Hear clearly in crowded restaurants, packed stores, and sounds that are out of sight. With Beltone Serene hearing aids, life’s beautiful moments are fulfilled, never missed.

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M&RIE Technology

Hear as nature intended

The all-new M&RIE design allows you to process multiple sounds at once and easily decide what you want to listen to – just as nature intended. It’s easier for you to stay engaged and enjoy conversations in social settings.

Our new revolutionary hearing technology, Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear hearing solution (M&RIE), filters and delivers the most natural sound yet, effortlessly processing multiple sounds at once. You get premium sound quality, a full understanding of your surroundings, and even better speech recognition.

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Experience how Beltone Serene enables better speech understanding

Learn more about how Beltone Serene performs in a complex setting compared to past solutions. Watch these videos and get a feel of how Beltone Serene tailors your hearing experience to give you the best quality of life.

CrossLink Directionality 3

Makes your day easy and enjoyable

You’re always in control of your hearing with Beltone Serene. Now you’ll enjoy having a complete understanding of your surroundings with the ability to focus on the sounds that matter the most. This is all possible with our new and improved technology, CrossLink Directionality 3.

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A design tailor-made for you

We’ve created a brand-new design that significantly improves aesthetics and comfort, and is the most discreet solution yet. The device sits comfortably in your ear, making it easy to handle and even easier to wear.

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Ultra Focus

Zero-in on the conversation

When you’re in demanding situations and you want to fully zero-in on just the sounds in front of you, simply turn on the brand-new Ultra Focus program. Ultra Focus ensures you’ll always have the best possible speech clarity, no matter the environment, without feeling isolated from what’s happening around you.

Focus in on what is on front of you and feel confident enough to have conversations in situations you might have avoided in the past, like at a service counter in a crowded place.

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Stay charged with wireless charging

Beltone Serene offers two types of stylish and high-performance chargers to meet your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. The chargers can also be used as portable and protective display cases – ideal for traveling.

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I have been a patient of Beltone for 6 – 7 years and they have always been friendly, professional, and always been available for repairs and advice. I highly recommend Beltone and their Hearing Care Practitioners for hearing aid service.

Johnathan M.

Happy Beltone Patient

92% approval rating for Beltone Serene
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Beltone HearMax app

Beltone HearMax: advanced hearing aids control app

The Beltone HearMax app is the most advanced control app for hearing aids. It connects your Beltone Trust, Beltone Boost Max and Beltone Amaze hearing aids to your iPhone®, Apple Watch® or Android™ phone for any easy and discreet way to control your hearing aids.

With a new, sleek and intuitive design that features one-tap access to the most popular features, it’s great way to enhance your Beltone hearing aid experience. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play today.


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